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Old 31/10/2006, 02:09 PM
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Default Toto Pooling

Hi members,

One of the method which is commonly used by many Toto enthusiasts is Pooling.

Why Pooling is one of the common method?

It allows you play Toto a budget
It allows you play more numbers without having to increase your cost to play

Assemblix has started the Pooling about a year ago, and we are still continuing the Pooling. In fact when you join Toto Pooling with Assemblix, you can be assured of our accounting and also our expertise in carrying the task in Pooling.

It cost you only $3 a draw to join, of course we collect $90 which breaks down to 26 draws play plus a $12 to play.

According to one recent articles which was post up by one of our members, the Professor took a total of 12 years to walk away a Jackpot winning.

For Assemblix with only 1 year in the pooling, we have won 5 main numbers.

Members who have given up, I may conclude that you probably are not patient enough, in all circumstances and how adverse the situation, Assemblix will not give up in pursuing the dream of finding out the best combination for Toto and we strongly believe one day we will win the jackpot group 1 not just once but more than 1.

Members who wish to know more about Toto Pooling or would wish to join, you can either sign up the seminar tomorrow at 7.15pm

or you may call us at 65326845 to know more

Have a nice day

Hai Tong
Wishing all members Good Health, Happiness and Prosperity.

Lets work towards positive enviroment and made TTTTP a reality.

Pls Play Responsibly
Hai Tong
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