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Old 19/08/2017, 09:48 PM
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kltan still new in analysis.
Default Win4D Advance V3.6

I like to share some information on the latest development on the new features for Win4D Advance.

It is Sum-Root Method. This method is summing the number into the root values. For example, the System 4D number 1488 is total to 1+4+8+8 = 21. This value is not the root yet, so we further add the derived value as 2+1 = 3. Now the value "3" is called the root value.

With this latest tools, you can play smarter by checking the top prize trend with it. For example, below is the most current trend of the Sum-Root analysis.

By studying graph of the Sum-Root, the system 4D of root "3" is the best performance while the root of "9" is the worst performance.

I am still testing to iron out the bugs. Please be patient.
KL Tan
Pls Play Responsibly
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Old 22/08/2017, 06:01 PM
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tony883 still new in analysis.
Thumbs up Round of Applause.

Round of Applause to Mr KL Tan for your hard works and perseverance, we look forward to more win, win.
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