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kltan still new in analysis.

No, once a member decided to join the session, he or she is not allow to terminate the pooling.

We have already 7 teams formed, our target are more than 20 teams. The more team, the better chances of one of the team jackpot.

Every team is issue with different 42 ordinary entries. We've specially program a system that minimize the duplication so that we can reach out all the possible area. The team do not need to know each other at all. Because anyone can join at any time, the team members may be reshuffle on every draw. Everyone will get to know all numbers inclusive of all other team numbers. For this, we want to make sure it is very transparent to everyone. The investment percentage on team share will only be discuss with signon members. We do not wish to disclose openly in the forum.

The numbers will be send through email to all members after 3pm on the draw date.

Immediately on the draw date, after 7:30pm, every members accounts are updated if there are winning. Members will also receive email about their winning.

Only winning of prize from 4+1 upward will there be any sharing across the teams. If only prize 3+1 or 4, only your own team share.

A bit complicated to explain on words, it would be best to come down to our office and we can show you how the whole system works.

Originally Posted by Shell
so how? cannot go down to your office leh ...

1. anyhow, if the tenure is for 26 draws, equates to one term, what happen if after one term and we decide not to continue with the pooling, can we withdraw? will there be any "penalty" charge

2. at what time do we get to see the numbers that we are investing ? on the day itself only ? or much earlier ?

3. how many people per team ? will we be briefed on our team members?

4. what's yr target for no. of teams formed?

5. how many sets of numbers will each team play ? ordinary or system 7 ... etc., ?

appreciate your reply. tks in advance.

KL Tan
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