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kltan still new in analysis.

Actually there is nothing wrong with his software. We do not sale a software that will expiry and cannot be use anymore. We believe in giving the best to our user. I think most likely it is the version that he is using. We made some changes to our result updating in Version 2 onward.

Only when you upgrade your version to 2.0 and above then you can update the result. Don't worry, we have ensure all User of Win4D Advance are allow to upgrade to V2.0 even if your maintenance is expired.

So I hope you can convey this message to your friend.

Originally Posted by Shennon
I have one friend who have not use the software for quite sometime. Lately, he reinstall the software but was unable to update the result. He was very angry and said the software already expired and cannot use anymore.

I doubted his claim, currently he is mad about the situation and don't want to talk about it. I think I better check with you on his behalf.

What was the situation?
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