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kltan still new in analysis.

May be I explain a bit on how this thing works.

1. We will manage the buying and safe keeping of the tickets.
2. Any amount used or win from the play is recorded in an account managed by us. This account is just like bank a/c with details information of in/out per game. You can login using your userid and password to view the details.
3. If nearing to the end of 26 games, you can decide to stop or continue. If stop, you get back all the balance in your account.
4. You can also withdraw your winning amount anytime within the session as long as you have enough for the rest of the play(per session).
5. You need not to be a Gold member, just an ordinary silver(free) member can join already.

One very important understanding, DO NOT expect sure win position.
KL Tan
Pls Play Responsibly
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