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LuckyWinner still new in analysis.
Thumbs up Pooling strategics been proven

At least now, every members & non members in e pool r convinced that this strategics work well.

Originally Posted by kltan
Congratulation to every members in the pool.

Today, we almost hit Jackpot. If only one of the number from the team #1 come down and join Team #9. Even better, today no winner. So if we have this, it would be ours with the $1,200,000.

41 30 4 38 9 25

if 9 = 37 HUAT AH.....$1.2M++
if 9 = 33 Also....not bad, got $300K++

Anyway, it is proven that every 10 draws, there should be 1 hit of 5+0 with this method.

Next draw is $2.8M, let's hope we nab it with a surprise.
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