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ahhuay0288 still new in analysis.

Hi members of Greatest Fortune,

I could only comment what Mr. See have said, too good to believe.

with $3 on my own only >>>>>>>>> 6 ordinary ticket >>>>>>>

Now subscibe to plan with $3 >>>>>>>> 500 over ordinary ticket >>>

Do you know I need more than 10 pages to print out once e-mail send to me.

No horse run lahhhhhhh.

Gooooooooooooood Luccccccccccccccccccccccccck

Originally Posted by see
Just saw the new link from the WinTOTO site. You can see the performance of the TOTO pooling without login also.

Click on the "Check winning" link and you'll see it.

It is very good that every draw there are some team win a prize. That means this method works, soon or later it my team will win.

What I like most is the full disclosure from Assemblix, no hidden information at all. Everyone knows inside out of the game. Well done! Assemblix.

If you can let me know the team number that I am in on the email would be even better.
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